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Audio System (ver. 2.­1) EXECUTABLE SELF-EXTRACTING Lansat 2008.05.16.

Fișier descărcat de 42 si a fost vazut de 5950

Categorie Sunet
Brand E-MU
Dispozitiv 1820M
Sisteme de operare Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Versiune 2.­1
Mărimea fișierului 33.41 Mb
Lansat 2008.05.16
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Before you download: This Driver Package can either fully install Digital Audio System device drivers,­ or it can update an existing installation.­ It does not require that you had previously installed software from an original Digital Audio System CD,­ only that your system meets the minimum hardware requirements.­ If you are installing this package on a system where you did not previously install Digital Audio System software,­ you must also install the latest version of Microsoft DirectX,­ which is available at http:/­/­www.­microsoft.­com/­directx If you already have Digital Audio System software installed on your computer,­ please take a moment to check the ABOUT BOX in PatchMix DSP (Right-click on the E-MU Logo right above the TV in PatchMix) to see if this update is necessary.­ If the version numbers below are higher than what you see in the About Box,­ you should proceed with the update.­ Before you install: If you have experienced a fault in any audio application,­ you should reboot Windows before applying this update.­ Exit all applications before installing these updates.­ After you install: 1616 and 1616M Users: Immediately after installing this upgrade,­ please be sure to turn the MicroDock off and then back on again,­ in order for the new firmware to take effect Driver Package V2.­1 contains the following feature enhancements and fixes: Windows Vista - Fixes a "memory leak" bug in PatchMix in which PatchMix would continue to use,­ and fail to release system RAM.­ Fixes a typo in the Insert Send list when using sample rates of 88.­2 kHz and higher.­ Fixes a rare bug on some computer systems where distortion occurs when using WDM at sample rates of 88.­2 kHz and above.­ Includes changes from V2.­00 Release Windows Driver Signature When you install the Digital Audio System drivers,­ you will see a dialog box informing you either that the driver has not been certified by Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL),­ or that the driver is signed by Creative Labs,­ Inc,­ and you will be asked if you would like to continue with the installation.­ The Digital Audio System audio drivers are not certified by WHQL because the product does not support some of the features that the Microsoft Windows Logo Program requires,­ most notably Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) and Digital Rights Management (DRM).­ Despite this,­ the Digital Audio System audio drivers have been rigorously tested using the same test procedures that a WHQL qualified driver requires,­ and it passes in all of the other important categories,­ including those that measure the relative stability of the driver.­ So,­ it is perfectly safe to install these drivers on your computer.­ Minimum System Requirements: Intel or AMD processor - 1 GHz or faster Intel,­ AMD or 100%­ compatible motherboard &­ chipset 256 MB System RAM 900 MB of free hard disk space for full installation XVGA Video (1024 x 768) Microsoft Windows Vista,­ Windows XP (SP 2) or 2000 (SP4) Microsoft DirectX 9.­0 or greater E-MU 0404 PCI,­ 1616 PCI,­ 1616M PCI,­ 1212M,­ 1616,­ 1616M,­ 1820,­ 1820M Digital Audio System,­ or Emulator X,­ Emulator X Studio Desktop Sampling System,­ or Proteus X Desktop Sound Module.­ Driver Revision History Changes from V2.­00 Release: Added Windows Vista support Added support for 1616 PCI,­ 1616M PCI Added new Core effects (see PatchMix 2.­00 app notes for details)

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