E-MU 0404 Install Package driver Descărcare gratuita (ver. 1.­3)

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Install Package (ver. 1.­3) ZIP Lansat 2008.02.01.

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Categorie Sunet
Brand E-MU
Dispozitiv 0404
Sisteme de operare Mac OS X
Versiune 1.­3
Mărimea fișierului 24.87 Mb
Tipul fișierului ZIP
Lansat 2008.02.01
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This software contains the latest versions of the Mac OS X application,­ driver,­ and firmware for the E-MU 0202 USB,­ 0404 USB,­ Tracker Pre digital audio interfaces.­ Before you download: This package contains a full installer.­ Thus,­ it does not require you to have previously installed the software from an original CD - only that your system meets the minimum requirements.­ E-MU 0202 /­ 0404 /­ Tracker Pre Firmware version V8.­04 contains the following feature enhancements and fixes: Firmware Changes in this Release: S/­PDIF input is no longer muted when the system is set to internal clock source and the S/­PDIF input clock is the same as the system clock (0404-USB).­ Improved S/­PDIF sync when receiving noisy or high-jitter signals (0404-USB).­ The 176.­4 kHz and 192 kHz samples rates are no longer stored on power-off.­ Now,­ the system defaults to 44.­1 kHz Support for Mac OSX Leopard.­ Includes changes from V1.­1 Release .­ Minimum System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.­4 or greater.­ E-MU 0202/­0404/­Tracker Pre USB audio interface.­ Revision History: Changes from V1.­1 Release: The driver now supports the standard Macintosh master volume control.­ When operating on an 0404 USB,­ the driver now supports AC-3 and DTS pass through the S/­PDIF port.­ The driver is now more robust when the sample rate changes during audio playback or recording.­ Cubase now works properly at higher sample rates when two streams are running effects.­

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